Solway Firth


The area described on this page is covered by the following Admiralty charts:

1826 Irish Sea Eastern Part 1:200,000
2094 Kirkcudbright to Mull of Galloway and Isle of Man 1:100,000

The area described on this page is covered by the following Imray Charts:

C62 Irish Sea (covers the entire costs described in the Cruising Notes) Chart C62: Irish Sea (Imray Charts: Home...



There is a courtesy box at the gate on the pontoons. Good sized town with pubs, restaurants, tea shops, shops and museum.

Ross Roads

Mooring buoy off Little Ross. Used the dinghy to make for the landing and iron ladder on the north side of the island. Surprised to find a closely mown lawn from the landing stage. Passed a building with a 6 wheeled military wheeled in good condition parked alongside. Slip on the NW side. Path leading up to toward the lighthouse - sometimes occupied.

From the lighthouse good view WSW along the Galloway coast and across the Sound and Richardsonís Rocks.

Ross Bay

Lying on the west side of the estuary, it provides a convenient place for boats able to take the ground to dry out. At low water a few largish stones were noted - so just check firm bottom clean where the boat is about to settle. 

Cutters Pool

Cutters Pool is just beyond a sandy bar, lying close to the lifeboat slip. The second image was taken from Cutters Pool, and shows the transit on Ross Island showing the lighthouse in line with the beacon on the islands NW side.

Manxman's Lake

A sandy/muddy bay lying to the north of Cutter's Pool where bilge keelers and flat bottom boats can dry out.

Balcary/Hestan Islet

Anchorage in approximately 3m between Balcary Point and Hestan Islet.


A drying estuary close east of Hestan islet. Channel partially marked with withies. Only suitable for boats able to take the ground. A visitor's/dinghy pontoon lies near the village but care is required as boats of different draft etc settle - dues charged by yacht club. Alternatively enquire whether a moorings might be available.

Small village.


The Editor has not ventured further up the north side of the Solway Firth. Probably best left to those with local knowledge, with boats able to take the ground.