Planning Considerations & Hazards

Statistically it makes no difference if you clockwise or anti-clockwise round Ireland & Northern Ireland. So at the start of your trip aim for whichever end the forecast covering the next few days suggests is most favourable. It's not a huge mileage round if you keep to the islands and anchorages nearer the outermost headlands - though they may be remote and so the boat will need to be well provisioned if you wish to avoid detours. You can expect to encounter strong winds at least twice during a three week period. Not too much of a problem if the winds are blowing offshore, but if onshore and particularly on the west coast when a swell is running, you may well have to find a sung anchorage or harbour to sit it out for a few days. There is mobile phone coverage along most but not all of the coast. There is good weather information available on NavText including wave height measurements from a  number of strategically positioned buoys.