Personal Equipment


Provided below is the equipment list that the editor provides to crew. It may be useful for compiling a list for your own boat's crew.

You may wish to have a list of minimum equipment for occasional weekend crew, and a fuller list for crew on extended offshore trips (referred to as 'challenge crew') in the list provided below.

Personal Equipment List

(All items required for challenge crews):

Item Comments
Woolly hat  
Baseball cap  Sew on elastic or tie strap so that it won't get blown overboard
Sunglasses  Take spare pair - similarly if you wear glasses
Waterproofs  Offshore or Ocean variants
Wellington boots  Sailing type - not agricultural style with big treads which will collect stones and damage boat deck
Sailing gloves  Not fingerless racing style - but of a type that will keep both hands and fingers warm
Deck shoes or canvas shoes  Feet will get too hot and sweaty in wellies during sunshine
Small towels  Pub bar towel size to wrap round neck to top water going down waterproofs
Thermals  Couple of pairs
Harness & leash  Leash with three Gibb style hooks Illustration of problem inherent in plain hooks
Personal life jacket  Check that the gas cylinder is in date/serviceable Features to look for when buying
Jackets  For afloat and ashore
Woolly jumpers  Warm even when wet
T Shirts  Some with arms to prevent sunburn or even windburn
Jogging bottoms  Jeans are not warm when wet
Boots for going ashore  I.e. a type which can be used to walk over rough and wet terrain
Shore-side rig  I.e. clothes for going ashore and travelling
Under garments  
Sleeping bag  3 seasons type summer/autumn, 4 seasons and blankets mid - winter
Pillow  For softies only !
Wash/shower kit, razors, towels, facecloths, wet wipes, deodorant, etc ...  
Lip ice  To protect/deal with sun burnt or wind burnt lips
Sun tan lotion  
Passport  Check in date for duration of the trip
Watch  Preferably with alarm - for waking up in time for watch keeping
Pocket sized torch  You may prefer a head torch
Boat kitty  Contribution to kitty varies according to the duration and location of the cruise - details from skipper
Spending money  For nic naks, postcards, etc - most of which can be in sterling but carry small amount of local currency, say 50, in case no banks or infrequent opening hours in small villages
Sea sickness tablets  
Camera and film  
Thermal Protection Aids ( TPAs)  Suits that can be put over oil skins and lifejackets - which protect against hypothermia. Available from Ocean Safety Tel: 02380 720800 or
Personal insurance  I.e. for medical and repatriation, hospital inconvenience benefit, baggage and personal effects, money, travel documents and credit cards - refer to skipper for company experienced in maritime based travel
Holdall (large)  Into which all but normal sailing gear can be fitted - ensure no spares metal fittings or fastenings on holdall. Preferably with waterproofed lining
Holdall (small)  For use when going ashore i.e. to carry wash kit/changes of clothes/money/passport/camera - or for use when collecting provisions


If you suffer from any medical condition/are on prescription you must advise the skipper prior to the trip, and provided that such does not preclude your participation, ensure that adequate treatments for the entire duration of the cruise are obtained.

The skipper will be happy to advise on the suitability of equipment prior to purchase.

If ordering personal equipment prior to cruise or challenge ensure that you do so well in advance to allow for any delays in delivery, the delivery of incorrectly sized items, etc.

If going on lengthy passage consider having a dental check up a few weeks before departure and a haircut in the few days beforehand !