Modifications - Baby stay & deck brace

By design the cabin partial bulkheads were not glassed to the underside of the deck. When sailing to windward in fresh to strong conditions the deck appeared to be moving by up to 2mm in relation to the top of the bulkheads. Another observation is that the baby stay is at an acute angle, and consequently imposes high loads on the deck. Movement of the deck was pinching the top of the non structural bulkheads - when sailing to windward on port tack in fresh to strong winds in a moderate with short wave lengths (approx. boat lengths apart) a 'cracking' sound could be  heard from the area of the fore cabin partial bulkheads. Disconcerting - even if no course for concern.

During 2003 a removable stainless steel tie rod was fabricated, which fits to a stud (part of the baby stay deck mounting) and a new partial bulkhead fitted through the fore cabin sail bin sides and glassed in to the locker itself and under the hull stringers.

So far the results under sail have been favourable. 

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