This is a list of equipment for the editor's own boat. This may form a basis to help you compile a list of equipment for your own boat.

Long distance cruising/passage making equipment 

This list details the equipment that is carried by Balstara during longer distance cruises. It may help others planning or considering undertaking similar cruises draw up their own equipment lists.


Sailomat wind vane & spare vane
Emergency aluminium rudder
Autohelm ST1000

Safety Equipment

Avon ocean life raft in a valise (next service date 2006)
EPIRB (Emergency Position Radio Beacon) which can be activated in a distress situation to alert monitoring stations via satellite(s).
C.A.R.D. (Collision Avoidance Radar Detection) system.
Portable foot operated, baseboard mounted, high capacity pump.
Automatic extinguisher within engine compartment
Extinguishers within accommodation
Fire blanket
Parachute anchor and 100 metres of warp
Life jacket and harness for every crew member
Bolt cutters (to cut standing rigging in the event of a dismasting)
Emergency battery powered navigation lights
Permanently mounted radar reflector
Wooden bungs
Telescopic emergency VHF aerial

Anchoring Equipment

35lb CQR and 22 metres chain + 10 metres warp
Fortress FX37 30 metres chain + warp
Fisherman 16kg
Mooring warps of various lengths and selection of fenders
Anchor mega-light (suspends from boom - back up to mast head all round white)


The inventory varies according to the cruise, but as an example the following were carried during the North Atlantic Challenge:

In excess of 120 Admiralty charts covering the west, north, and north east coasts of Scotland, the Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Shetlands, Orkneys and North Sea Crossing to Norway:

Clyde Cruising Club Outer Hebrides Sailing Directions
Clyde Cruising Club Kintyre to Ardnamurchan Sailing Directions
Clyde Cruising Club Orkney Sailing Directions & Anchorages
Clyde Cruising Club Shetland Sailing Directions
Clyde Cruising Club North And North East Coasts of Scotland Sailing Directions & Anchorages
The Yachtsman's Pilot To the West Coast Of Scotland - Crinan To Canna
The Yachtsman's Pilot To The West Coast Of Scotland - Clyde to Colonsay
North Coast of Scotland Pilot NP52
Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas North East Of Ireland West Coast Of Scotland
Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas Orkney And Shetland Islands NP209
Symbols And Abbreviations 5011
The Macmillan Reeds Nautical Almanac
Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation, Faeroe, Iceland and Greenland
Arctic Pilot Volume III
Icelandic Hydrographic Office Charts and harbour plans
Leids÷gubˇk fyrir sjˇmenn vi­ Island (Icelandic Pilot book in Icelandic)
Tßkn Og Skammstafanir I Islenskum Sjˇkortum (Symbols and abbreviations used on charts)
Sjßvarfalla-Almanak 2001 (Tide Almanac)

Streymkort fyri F°royar (Tidal current around the Faeroe Islands)

Bňtsportkart Serie K (Norwegian Small boat charts - 8 folios)
3a Den Norske Los (Norwegian, pilot book, each volume in both Norwegian and English)
3b Den Norske Los
Norwegian Cruising Guide (A Pilot for the Norwegian & SW Swedish coats between Sognefjord & the Sound)

Garmin 128 GPS (Global Positioning System)
Magellan 320 (Portable GPS)
Zeiss Sextant
The Nautical Almanac 2001 NP314
Sight Reduction tables For Air Navigation AP3270 Volume 3 Latitudes 39 -89 Declinations 0 - 29
Sight Reduction tables For Air Navigation AP3270 Volume 1 Selected Stars
Deck watch with observed rate
Hand bearing compass
Log book
Squared paper (for plotting with use of traverse tables)
Parallel rules
Portland protractor
Ship's clock
Dividers, pencils, rubbers



Navico VHF (voice communications - limited in range), and emergency aerial
Icom portable VHF (voice communications - limited in range)
Ship's radio licence
Operator's radio licence
Portable telephone (voice, text messages and email - limited range)
EPIRB (distress only transmissions - world wide coverage)

ICS Navtex (for receiving weather messages and printing of position hourly)
Target Navtex (for receiving weather information)
SSB receiver (capable of receiving normal radio broadcasts, plus in conjunction with a laptop and software, forecasts incorporating synoptic charts.

Radio/cassette player (with splitter fitted to permit reception via mast head mounted VHF aerial), typically used to receive Radio 4 shipping forecasts.

Sail inventory

Fully battened mainsail and lazyjacks
Genoa set on Kemp Furlex roller reefing system
No 3 jib with luff tape which can be hoisted on to the roller reefing system
No 3 high cut hank on jib - for setting onto detachable inner fore stay and intended for use when making to windward in heavy conditions
Storm jib in high visibility orange
Cruising chute, telescopic pole and snuffer.


Two lifebuoys with lights, one with drogue
Danbuoy with light
Additional genoa cars for storm jib and hank on No 3
Jackstays port & starboard
Bilge pump (cockpit mounted to strum box in engine compartment)
Compasses to port and starboard of companionway
2 torches plus spare batteries


Plywood floor added to sail lockers (to prevent heavy objects damaging paddle wheel and transducer)
Lee cloths on all berths
Plywood stowed under seats (for repairing any stoved in windows or hatches)
Additional 48 litres of water in small containers (to supplement existing flexible tanks of 125 litres capacity)
5 gas bottles (bottle in use in self draining compartment)
2 alarm clocks & kitchen timer
Water filter
Matches located in numerous lockers


Mugs, dog bowls, cutlery, several tin openers
Washing up liquid, scourers, cloths, bin liners
Kettle, assorted pans, frying pans
Washing up bowl


Offshore First Aid Kit (supplementary anti-biotics, sutures, bandages, burn dressings)
Dentanurse (dental repair kit)
Sea sickness tablets
Red cross first aid manual


Spares, and workshop manuals for engine.
Comprehensive set of tools
& assorted, nuts, bolts, screws, sealant, epoxy, fibreglass mat/resin/catalyst
Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual
Rigging spares
Sail repair kit
Advanced 'smart regulator'
Aqua4Gen water driven towed generator & regulator
Dedicated engine start battery & separate domestic battery
Funnel for filtering fuel


Anchor ball
Motor sailing cone
One 20, and two10 litre diesel containers (in addition to main tank of 17 gallons)
5 gallon water container
Large bucket
Boat hook
Spare dinghy oars
Dinghy repair kit
Icelandic, Faeroese, Norwegian and Scottish courtesy ensigns, & Q flag

Top Climber (device for single handed mast climbing)
Bosun's chair

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