If you move your cursor over this map, you will discover hotspot links to notes about the harbours and anchorages to be found within each area.

Manx harbours & anchorages - Ramsey to Derbyhaven Ancorages & harours from East Tabert Bay to Bay

You may be surprised to discover just how many places there are which can be reached by yachts based in the Isle of Man !

When planning passages to or from or any destination you should consult as many sources of information as possible in conjunction with the charts. Not all sources of pilotage information include photographs, there may be errors in the detail provided (e.g. lat/long errors in waypoint listings have been spotted), facilities updated, etc whilst not forgetting that the effects of nature creating sand bars, shifting channels etc.

Sources of pilotage and tidal stream are listed below, whilst charts are listed on the pages available through the hot spot slinks on the map above.

Title of Publication Availability at Amazon.co.uk/Other Description/Comments
IOM - Tides, Directions and Anchorages (1997) Hunter Publications, Wild Boar Cottage, Rawcliffe Road, St Michaels, Preston, PR3 0UH.

Tel: 01995 679240, Fax: 01995 679740


Line drawings for Manx Ports and anchorages. No photographs.


Macmillan Reeds Nautical Almanac 2004 Published annually. Provides detail for selected ports and anchorages. Contains tidal height predictions, list of lights/waypoints, and tidal stream information.

The Macmillan Reed Nautical Almanac - from Denmark to Gibraltar including all UK waters and Ireland.

Western Almanac - Falmouth northwards, and all Ireland & Scottish waters.

Northwest Cruising Guide A Cruising Guide to Northwest England...  
Lundy & Irish Sea Pilot, Imray, David Taylor, 2nd edition 2001 Lundy and Irish Sea Pilot: Land's End to...  
East and North Coasts Of Ireland, Irish Cruising Club Sailing Directions for the North and...  
South and West coasts of Ireland, Irish Cruising Club South and West Coasts of Ireland  
Solway Sailing Directions    
Cruising Anglesey & N Wales, NW Venturers Yacht Club Cruising Anglesey and the North Wales...  
Arrowsmiths tidal stream info Arrowsmiths, Winterstoke Road, Bristol, BS3 2NT, 3.  
Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas NP256 Irish Sea and Bristol Channel Admiralty tidal stream atlas, Irish Sea... A concise reference to the tidal streams within the Irish Sea. Useful for planning passages, with pictorial representations of tidal stream directions for each hour before and after the reference port, with an indication of the rates at neap and spring ranges. A graph is included to enable interpolation of the rates when the tidal range for any given date is not exactly on neaps or springs. Other reference sources are required for more detailed information of tidal streams close inshore for the areas covered by this tidal stream atlas.