There are plenty of books on sailing subjects, but below are a selection of practical books which the Editor has found particularly useful. For more information, or to order, click on the books' picture.

Heavy Weather Sailing Adlard Coles revised by Peter Bruce cover Accounts of heavy weather conditions, including tactics used and equipment. Will help you equip your boat for deep water sailing, and provide food for thought as to tactics you may wish to try in your own boat.
The Boat Owner's Mechanical & Electrical Manual, Nigel Calder cover Very useful reference book - every boat should have a copy onboard. Understand the principles of how systems onboard your boat work, and should you be miles from a service facility when something breaks down - this book's value will rise !
A Seaman's Guide to the Rules of the Road, Morgan Technical A Seaman's Guide to the Rule of the Road... Good book for learning the Collision Regulations. Gives the rules interspersed with self-test questions.
Heavy Weather Cruising Tom Cunliffe cover A good book which is a lighter read for crew with enough information for them to see that a well prepared boat, and an organised & briefed crew shouldn't fear heavy weather but regard it as part of the sailing experience. Doesn't scare anyone with tales of survival storms !
Boatowner's Practical and Technical Cruising Manual, Nigel Calder cover Most useful practical advice encapsulated into one book. useful resource for skippers and crew. The kind of book your will dip into from time to time. Covers a wide range of subjects from choosing a boat and equipment, to sailing and navigational skills and techniques. Much useful information and a book you will dip into from time to time.


cover Keeping a logbook whilst on passage is seamanlike. When the GPS fails and visibility deteriorates the information you have been recorded in the logbook will help you navigate safely onward.
The RYA Book of Knots cover Does everyone onboard know their bowlines, from their reef knots, sheet bends, clove hitches, round turn and two half hitches and their correct uses ?
RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance, Tim Bartlett cover This book covers the syllabus of the RYA Diesel Engine Certificate - good pre-reading for the RYA 1 day course (provides more detail than the RYA booklet handed out to course attendees). A good preliminary read before getting to grips with the detail in Nigel Calder's excellent 'Boatowner's Practical and Technical Cruising Manual'
Competent Crew, Pat Langley-Price and Philip Ouvry cover Introduces the basics to novice crew.
    An introduction to navigation.
Electrics Afloat, Alastair Garrod cover This boat serves as a good introduction to boat electrical systems. The many illustrations, clear explanations and absence of jargon simplifies and de-mystifies - helping the reader to gain a understanding of the basics. The reader when then be able to progress with confidence to the more detailed technical sources of reference.
Staying Put - The Art of Anchoring, Brian Fagan cover The title says it all.
First Aid Manual cover A guide by St John's Ambulance & The Red Cross.

More specialised books for the ocean voyager:

Celestial Navigation cover Concisely and clearly written, a good introduction to astronavigation.
International Medical Guide For Ships, World Health Organisation, Geneva International Medical Guide for Ships:... A more in depth guide for more complicated medical conditions and when expert help may not be readily available. For long distance cruising folk, and required onboard reference material for some yacht yacht races.

 Here are some selections based on various themes: Sailing Navigation , Sailing Techniques, Sailing weather, Sailing Narratives, Multihulls, Motorboats

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